Natasha Alam Hot Pictures

For new models of designer Denise like Natasha Alam it is a typical moderate color and minimalism. Recently, in addition proposed for the singer Katherine Winter special "light" clothes that react to music.  Henry has worked on the Temple, which provided just the technical aspect.

The dress had a sort of clutter inside the tows and LED lights, which are wirelessly connected to a computer. Then a specially programmed the individual to respond to tones and became a living organism. You do so and things to order? Yes, but only someone well known. We very much and think about choosing when they opt for an individual piece or collaboration with someone. What women are your clients? Any age. Women who buy my models have a strong opinion on fashion and a strong personality, someone exactly like Catherine Winter. I enjoy dialogue with them; communication, identifying them and making them matter "in the body. “Natasha Alam Twitter  take into account that the garment is the first "space", which they surround. It’s intimate, what we have, it's something that we live.

They realize this and choose. Ever come to you with customer demand to create clothes for her, and you are unable to meet her? Yes, it happened to me that after a few meetings, we found that the enthusiasm of our work together is gone and our views diverge. Before you create a piece that is unique and challenging, such as wedding or party dresses, I recommend people either buy or at least a few hours try a piece from my collection. I want to know whether, in my models to feel good, whether they like cuts and materials.

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